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OCS Group

Micity is a division of
OCS Group International Ltd, an international facilities management company.

OCS Group is one of the largest facilities management services companies in the world, with a global team of over 130,000 staff in 27 countries delivering essential and sustainable facilities management services,
24 hours a day.


From providing a first-class shopping experience at major retail and leisure establishments, to maintaining critical plant equipment at large hospitals to ensure the safety and welfare of patients and staff, OCS provide the essential services that keep businesses and societies running day in and day out.

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OCS are an international supplier of essential services to facilities and premises owned by their clients. From humble beginnings as a small family business over 120 years ago, OCS have scaled their specialisms and expertise to offer a range of high quality, sustainable and internationally accredited services. They work at the heart of their clients’ businesses, and their sector expertise means they can design sustainable
service solutions that align with their business strategies.

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