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Working together for future generations


We recognise that sustainability means different things to different people. For us, it's not just about the impact we have on our planet for future generations, but for the people living on it today as well. As such, we have identified three key pillars where, given our business activities, we can make a real and impactful difference - reducing our carbon footprint and advancing social mobility while ensuring the health and safety of our team members and customers.

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Our commitment

As a division of OCS Australia, we’re delighted to share our 2023 OCS Australia and New Zealand ESG Report, which is aligned with the ESG strategy of our parent company, OCS Group.


In 2023, we advanced our sustainability goals, obtaining the Toitū net carbonzero certification for the fourth consecutive year and moving all of our Australian offices onto green energy solutions. Our initiatives also included extensive community support and employee development programmes.


Reducing our carbon footprint


As a division of OCS Australia we have been working with Toitū Envirocare since 2020. Each year we offset our carbon emissions, purchasing carbon credits for the entire Australasian business and becoming a Toitū Envirocare net carbonzero certified organisation in line with ISO 14064-1.


We measure our greenhouse gas emissions and are committed to managing and reducing our emissions in respect of all operational activities of our organisation within Australia.


Going forward we will continue to offset our emissions and be a carbon neutral business. Our certification from Toitū Envirocare shows that we’re taking action on climate change, accurately measuring and reducing our greenhouse gas footprint.


OCS Group sustainability strategy

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OCS Group are dedicated to adding social value wherever we operate. We work in partnership with customers, colleagues and suppliers to reduce our collective burden on the environment and we leverage our reach as a global employer to advance social mobility.


Our sustainability strategy is guided by the work we have done, supported by external experts, gathering robust data and insights on the value of our current initiatives and where we need to go further. The strategy is set at a global level, each market then owns the development of a plan to its delivery.


Read our OCS Group Sustainability Strategy here.


Midcity, alongside OCS Australia, OCS New Zealand, OCS UK companies, OCS Ireland and Landmark, our flexible workspace provider, are proud to announce our net zero carbon target date of 2040.

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