Who are Midcity

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Midcity Group has provided repair services specifically tailored to domestic and commercial insurance clients for over 35 years. We have a successful track record in the delivery of both high-volume/low-value domestic claims, and large and complex rectification work in the commercial sector.


Our industry experience, specialist expertise, and 'superior service' culture allows us to deliver on our commitment to exceeding our client's expectations regarding industry-leading service and cost outcomes.  


Our people are the reason for our success, and we have continued to develop and secure the best management, administration and supervisory talent available.


This highly integrated team is complemented by our proven trade base and suppliers, who have been vetted in accordance with our strict criteria before being accepted as part of our network. This ensures a consistent claim experience, delivering quality outcomes in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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Midcity Group is an in-house team of specialist construction and insurance experts.  Operating since 1986, Midcity initially focused on plumbing, electrical and services.  

Acquired by OCS Services (OCS) in 2012, a subsidiary of OCS Group (UK) who are one of the largest privately-owned global facilities support services organisations.

Importantly, OCS Group now comprises over 86,000 staff,  delivering over 70 different services to 20,000 clients worldwide - which means Midcity Group enjoy the necessary operational and financial stability to provide peace of mind to their Clients and Customers.  ​


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Our Values

Care, Safety, Trustworthy and Expert.

Midcity Group is a people business and our Values of Care, Safety, Trustworthy and Expert are our DNA. They guide everything we do, and everything we don’t do. They represent us at our best.

By living our Values, we focus not just on what we do for our customers but how we do it, delivering great service that demonstrates our care and safety, and how we are trustworthy and expert, time after time.

We celebrate those who place our Values at the heart of their day-to-day roles through our internal recognition schemes and on our external communication channels, inspiring not only our colleagues across the globe, but our customers too.


Our quality management system is accredited to ISO9001. Processes and outcomes are subject to internal audit controls and thorough independent scrutiny. We follow robust, documented and regularly reviewed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), allowing our clients to benefit from proven best practice.


SOPs cover all areas of our business including:

  • Service delivery

  • Human resources

  • Contract management

  • Financial management, and

  • Health and safety.


All aspects of service delivery are expected to conform to these procedures. Compliance is checked as part of a rolling audit programme overseen by our regional Capability and Compliance Managers.


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Health & Safety

Midcity Group understands that in today’s demanding environment, where speed and quality solutions are the norm, that the security and safety of all staff, suppliers, clients, customers and the public are paramount.


We have a strict, integrated and regulated management system that fully incorporates work health and safety (WHS) processes, meets the requirements of AS/NZS 4801 and OHSAS 18001, and has been independently certified by International Certification bodies. This means the elevated risk environment normally associated with our industry is comprehensively managed and reduced.

Examples of our comprehensive health and safety programme include employment of appropriately accredited and qualified personnel, regular training in hazards and controls within ISEA's and Safe Practices of all our people and subcontractors, the use of WHS systems and regulated internal and external induction and safe working sessions.

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Midcity Group is committed to operating responsibly and carefully consider the potential impact our activities have on the environment and our communities.


OCS Australia, which includes Midcity Group, has recently released their third sustainability report. The report highlights our achievements, challenges and the many lessons we’ve learnt during 2020.


Most notably, in 2020, OCS Australia worked with Toitū Envirocare (formerly Enviro-Mark Solutions) to audit our business with the end goal of becoming a Toitū carbonreduce certified organisation. Based on the results though, we fast-tracked our ambitions and have offset our carbon emissions, achieving Toitū carbonzero certification.


Looking ahead, along with a planned reduction in CO2, we will implement waste reduction and elimination across our value chain, and work to better the lives of our people and our communities.


For more information on our sustainability practices, read the OCS Australia & New Zealand Sustainability Report 2020.

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Whistleblowing Policy

As a member of the OCS Group we are committed to openness and accountability. Our colleagues are encouraged to raise concerns without fear of reprisals.  Learn more here.

Privacy Policy

Midcity Group understands that in today’s demanding environment, where speed and quality solutions are the norm, that the security and safety of all staff, suppliers, clients, customers and the public are paramount.